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Valentine's Day Amazon Finds

Make sure your kids show their love and appreciation this Valentine's Day with these fun Valentine's Day gifts they can give to their classmates and friends! Plus bonus points for you for not having to make that last minute run to Walgreens for a box of candy hearts that will inevitably go stale in your kids' backpacks. Below are 10 items we found that are not only affordable, but are a great alternative to candy!

Check them all out on our Amazon Storefront

5.99 for set of 24

$13.99 for set of 32

$24.99 for set of 24

$10.95 for set of 28

$28.99 for set of 24

$28.99 with a 40% off coupon if you have Amazon Prime!

$21.99 for set of 24

$14.99 for set of 25 with 5% off coupon if you have amazon prime!

$27.95 for a box including 70 snacks, candy and stickers!

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