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Buzz Worthy Amazon Prime Deals

Today is the last day for Amazon Prime Deals. We at the Buzz have put together this list of 10 items we think every Brandywine Valley family needs and are the best deals! Use the links or click on images to purchase!

(note: the links are affiliated with our Amazon Store front and we may receive a commission for your purchase).

1. Picasso Tiles 100 piece set

These tiles are so much fun and your kids can get super creative with them too. Use them on their own to build a castle or stick them to the fridge.

2. Gap babyGap Explorer Wagon

Its like a stroller but for older kids. Looks cool and can hold multiple children. Perfect for going to explore your local farmers market or visiting a pumpkin patch this weekend. And its on sale.

3. Kokodi LCD Writing Tablet

Keeps kids occupied and lets them doodle on the go. Great for when you want a mess free activity when you’re out to dinner.

4. Set of 200 Glow Sticks

These are great to have on hand for any age. Great for making bathtime that much more fun or for birthday parties. Might not need them right now but you’ll wish you had them on hand later.

5. VTeck Video Baby Monitor

Tech on sale is always a win. Even if your kids aren’t babies any more you can keep this in the play room while you make dinner to keep an eye on the kids!

6. Kids Play Tent

A kids tent that is asthetically pleasing and is sure to fit in with your home decor. Make rainy days fun indoors and up your sleep over game.

7. Do you Really Know your Family Card Game

Encourage bonding with your kids with this fun card game. Kids not responding creatively to “how was your day”? This is a creative way to get them to open up and get the conversation rolling.

8. Storage Baskets

Why are storage baskets always the most expensive thing at T.J Maxx? Finally found these cute ones on sale. Use them to store your kids shoes or toys. Makes for fast and easy clean up (that’s easy on the eyes too.)

9. Toddler Car Seat Lap Tray

This is a product that helped my back. How? Because I could stop twisting behind from the passenger seat to grab the toy my kid was whining about dropping for the 100th time on a long car ride. You’re welcome.

10. Blue Tooth Rubik's cube STEM puzzle

This was great for my preteen because it connected to my phone so he could get even more creative with the rubik's cube. It has different pattern options and helps challenge your kids to think outside the box to solve it. Plus it helps them with troubleshooting guidance so they can learn too.

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