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This Week on Buzz (11/6-11/12)

Reign in the Holiday Season

Fall in the Brandywine Valley has its own kind of magic, doesn’t it? It was enough to pull us back from the always-sunny California. The cool breeze here doesn’t just bring a change in the weather, but it brings us back to our cozy East Coast traditions, many of which took root right here in the Brandywine Valley. It’s all about family, friends, and those warm fuzzy memories that make Delaware so special to us. The events lined up this week are just the kind of stuff that help us make more of those good memories and keep our traditions alive.

We’ve got some old favorites coming back on the calendar this week, along with a few new shindigs to shake things up a bit. The buzz around the upcoming School Buzz is real, plus we're setting our sights on some wholesome family fun that's sure to delight:

On top of all that, we’ve been teaming up with some cool folks on social projects, and guess what? We just kicked off our own Amazon Store to help you get a jumpstart on the holiday shopping season. So, wrap up warm and step out to enjoy the best that Brandywine Valley has to offer this week!

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