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The Buzz this Week (4/3-4/9)

The Hard Truth

While the kids get a vacation from school for spring, there is no vacation for us Moms and Dads from parenting. Their break means for us, finding ways to keep our kids engaged while at home and avoid the much dreaded cry of, "Mom! I'm bored!"

During this time some of us jet away to somewhere sunny and warm, which just might be enough to make us parents feel relaxed too. For others, it means trying to find mini breaks throughout the day while our kids are at a friend's house.

Either way, 24/7 childcare no matter where you are this spring break can be chaotic and stressful.

Consider this your reminder to find a moment of pause for yourself as a parent for your own mental sanity! Grab a coffee during story time at Winterthur or take a walk on Hagley's property while the kids are engaged for Science Saturday.

Here's to all the hardest working, no-breaks-vacation-planners, activity-go-getters, 24/7 entertainers out there!

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