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This Week on Buzz (10/16-10/22)

Education in the Brandywine Valley

At the Brandywine Buzz, we take pride in bringing joy and value to your family by providing exciting events and activities in Northern Delaware. Our mission is to bridge the gap between local businesses’ events and families like yours, a mission we set to fulfill every Sunday.

As parents ourselves, we know there’s more to raising a child than just weekly events, however. One aspect we know is difficult as a parent is choosing the right school that will help your child grow into their potential. If you’re like us, finding the perfect education for your child can be a daunting task and at times, feel like a full-time job. It’s not easy aligning school initiatives with your families’ values and making that final decision is always a big decision as a family. That’s why we're here to help.

As you may have noticed in our previous newsletters, relaunching our School Buzz Calendar, an initiative dedicated to sharing upcoming school events like open houses, testing dates, touring dates, and more. We believe that education is the foundation for a bright future, and we want make it as easy for your family to make informed decisions about your child's education.

So, whether you're looking to transition your child to a new school or you're new to the area, we've got you covered. Keep your family informed and educated about the Brandywine Valley's school events by checking out our partner's upcoming events below and more on our website!

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