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Turning Back Time

As the clocks fall back and we gain an extra hour, there's an eerie and almost supernatural feeling that settles in the air. The annual time change brings with it a sense of disorientation, as the days grow shorter and darkness descends upon us earlier than before. It's as if time itself has been manipulated, and the world takes on a slightly spooky vibe. The abrupt transition from extended daylight to an early dusk casts long shadows and sets the stage for mysterious adventures.

Yet, amidst the enigmatic atmosphere, there's an opportunity for family fun that arises from the darkness. From the captivating world of Ronald Dahl's Willy Wonka at the Griffin Theatre to the historical charm of the 18th Century Market Fair hosted by First State Heritage Park, and the enchanting Steamin' Day at Auburn Heights, there's a plethora of engaging activities to enjoy during this intriguing time of year.

In the midst of the impending darkness, these family-friendly events provide a delightful contrast. Ronald Dahl's Willy Wonka transports audiences to a whimsical and magical chocolate factory, offering an escape from the encroaching shadows. The 18th Century Market Fair offers a glimpse into history with its period costumes, artisanal crafts, and immersive experiences, all against the backdrop of an early evening glow. Meanwhile, Steamin' Day at Auburn Heights invites visitors to witness the steam-powered marvels of the past, igniting a sense of wonder and adventure that pierces through the darkening hours.

So, as the clocks turn back and the days grow spookier, families can find solace and excitement in these captivating activities that embrace the enchantment of the season.

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