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This Week on Buzz (2/27-3/5)

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Learning while Playing

The month of March starts this week. Are you familiar with the weather folklore about March? It says "If March comes in like a lion then it will go out like a lamb." Looking at our March 1st weather forecast, it looks like our March will be coming in more lamb-ish. Until the temps become bearable, we will continue with indoor activities.

This week is the Annual Lego Shipbuilding Event with the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, where children can build ships or other creations using building blocks or Legos. I remember buying a new Lego kit for our kids once a year. Then a Lego Store opened up at the Mall, and kids could play with Legos right there in the store. Don't tell the kids, but while they playing with those building blocks/Legos they are learning skills that will live with them forever.

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Unknown member
Mar 03, 2023

Interesting read.

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