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This Week on Buzz (3/13-3/19)

Get Creative

"I can't seem to throw it away!" It's the thought I have every time I look at the heap of my kids old art that has accumulated on the high shelf in my basement. The papers made hard by the finger paint that has crusted over in globs, sticking the papers together. It is hardly art anymore. Yet for some reason the sentimental value of these colorful dust magnets is enough for me to hoard my children arts and crafts from the first grade and beyond.

What to them was a project prompted by an art teacher, an assignment to complete, a grade for creativity, is to me, a mom, a reminder of my children's tiny fingers. Their smiles when they gifted it to me after school, smoothing it out from the crumpled folds from the transit from school to home. The last time they brought home art I can hardly remember. So for those with little ones let's get creative this week with Youth Art Classes by New Castle County and/or a Family Clay Class at the Delaware Art Museum. If less hands on is your preference, you can view creations at the Annual Chadds Ford Art Show & Sale.

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