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This Week on Buzz (8/7-8/13)

Let the Creative Juices Flow

Something we love about our children is giving them craft tools and observing what their minds will create in the process.

Letting your child’s creativity run wild is a joy for us as parents, even if it means hanging drawings of stick people and displaying mounds of PlayDough for home visitors to observe.

This week the Brandywine Valley has events that will inspire creativity among your children and families while also building that beautiful “modern art” for your homes.

First, start by learning some local history while crafting at Winterthur’s Terrific Tuesday’s. Once the rain early on in the week passes, head outside for Mt. Cuba’s Kids Create on Saturday for some nature creativity. Round out this craft-filled week at the Delaware Art Museum for Family 2nd Sunday to create your own art with professional artists.

Can’t wait to see all the crafts you and your family create this week! Tag us on our socials and we’ll share your unique creation!

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